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Dr. Shashidhar KP– the name that represents excellence and commitment to the vascular and endovascular sector in INDIA – the pioneering force that aims at building values for patients, employees, partners and for the society, at large. The fundamental business strategy of Dr. Shashidhar KP is to innovate, to excel at whatever is created and to build a brand that constantly strives for something still better!

  • I had very painful varicose veins in my left leg for about six years. Dr. Shashidhar K P recommended Laser ablation of the varicose vein in my left leg. I was extremely pleased with the results. No more pain when I sit, stand or walk. The shashidhar k P and his team were very accommodating. They made sure I understood everything..

    - Ramesh
  • I had a wound in my leg which was non healing from 2 years. I also have mild varicose veins. Every doctor I met suggested crepe bandage or stockings. But ulcer did not heal. Dr. Shashidhar suggested laser for my varicose veins along with 4 layer dressings. Since the procedure is very simple and without complications I accepted for the procedure. The ulcer healed in 3 weeks following the laser. Now after 2 years my leg does not have an ulcer. Thanks to Dr. Shashidhar and I recommend him for varicose veins treatment..

    -Mr. Anand Murthy